WordPress includes a built-in mail feature that sends emails via PHP’s mail function. There are several WordPress newsletter plugins that allow you to use this feature to run a fully functional newsletter. “If it is possible to send out email newsletters using WordPress plugins, why do we recommend using an email service provider like Constant Contact or Aweber?” asked one of our users recently. We’ll explain why you should never use WordPress to send newsletter emails in this article.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Your Email List?

One of the most dependable communication tools is your email list. It aids in bringing users back to your website. It assists you in increasing sales, promoting products, and building trust in your brand.
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If you haven’t already, you should begin building your email list right away.
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Almost every serious marketer, blogger, and expert will advise you to use an email marketing service such as Aweber or Constant Contact for email newsletters rather than WordPress. Let’s take a look at why this is so.


When you use a newsletter plugin that relies on PHP and WordPress mail functions to send emails, there is a good chance that your emails will end up in your users’ SPAM folder.
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Email service providers (gmail, yahoo, and so on) have spam tools that will mark your email as SPAM for a variety of reasons.
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For example, the email server that receives your email will look for an SPF record to determine whether or not the server sending email is authorised to do so. To rule out spam, it will look for suspicious behaviour, words, and phrases.
The spam-catching tools will also look up your IP address in their databases. Your website on shared WordPress hosting shares the same server IP address as several other websites.
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Any indication of abuse by one person on that server can trigger spam catching databases, making your email delivery uncertain. There are numerous other factors that spam catching algorithms check, and it is extremely difficult to satisfy all of them.
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Professional email service providers, on the other hand, work around the clock to ensure that their emails arrive in your users’ inboxes. They adhere to a strict set of rules and apply them to all of their outgoing emails to ensure that they reach their intended recipient and do not end up in junk mail.
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They have highly trained engineers, developers, and support staff on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make this happen. They are also approved and well-known bulk mail service providers for the majority of major ISPs and email services. When a user’s email server receives email from a white-listed server, they can be confident that it is not spam.
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This dependability is the single most important factor that should persuade you to use a professional newsletter service.

Email Restrictions and Delays

The number of emails you can send at one time is usually limited by your hosting provider. It is possible that your newsletter plugin or script will attempt to queue outgoing emails, but there is always the possibility that something will go wrong and your outgoing email queue will not process at all. Your web host may even consider this an abuse of their services if you have a large email list.
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However, if you use a professional email marketing service, you won’t have to worry about these constraints. They have servers all over the world that send hundreds of thousands of emails every day. They have adaptable plans that allow you to easily scale up as your email list grows.

Utilization Ease

Email service providers, such as Constant Contact and Aweber, make it simple to create and send emails to your subscribers. They have extremely simple tools for creating and designing emails.
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They also have API integration, which allows you to easily connect your email list to other useful WordPress plugins such as OptinMonster, Gravity Forms, and so on.
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By running your own newsletter, you miss out on all of these time-saving tools. Instead of focusing on your website, you will be wasting time struggling to complete tasks that can be completed in minutes with the help of a good email marketing service.

Statistics and Analysis

Professional email service providers provide integrated campaign statistics and analytics. You can see how many emails arrived in the user’s inbox, how many were opened, and how many clicks you received. This enables you to improve and adjust your campaigns as needed.
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When using a newsletter plugin to send your own newsletter, you have no way of knowing how many emails were delivered to users’ inboxes, opened, or clicked. You will have to spend a significant amount of time attempting to integrate Google Analytics into your campaigns and landing pages, and the data you will collect will be limited.
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Another advantage of using an email service provider is that some of them provide diagnostic and analysis tools. You can use these tools to monitor the progress of your campaigns. If your emails are being marked as spam, you can determine what is causing the spam check tools to flag your emails.

Problems with Compliance

Email marketing is massive, but so is spam. ISPs and email marketing services have introduced and implemented new legislation, requirements, and protocols to combat spam. You don’t have to worry about any of these issues if you use a professional email service to send out your newsletter. These email service providers work extremely hard to ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients.

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On the other hand, if you send out your own newsletter, you are less likely to be aware of new developments in the world of email spam protection.

The cost-effectiveness

Some users may believe that by running their own newsletter through a plugin, they are saving money. First and foremost, you must place a monetary value on your time. The time spent configuring your newsletter plugin is far more valuable than the cost of a good email service.

In fact, you can use Constant Contact, one of the best email services, for free for two months. This free trial period provides you with enough time to set up and begin collecting email addresses. By the end of your trial period, your email list will have paid for itself.
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